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The EU directive 94/9/EC came into force on the 1st of July 2003. The directive sets requirements for manufacturers of equipment and components (electrical and mechanical), intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of gas, dust, mist or vapour.

The demands and requirements set by the directive and relevant standards are dependent upon the type of equipment and the nature of the hazardous area in which it is to be installed. Under certain circumstances, certification by a Notified Body is required.

GexCon can help you throughout the verification and certification process. This includes:

  • Verify to what extent your product falls in under the directive
  • Identify demands and conformity requirements, given in relevant explosion standards, which the equipment must satisfy
  • Ignition hazard assessment studies
  • Ignition source testing (electrostatic, mechanical)
  • Testing of explosion and fire protection equipment (vent panels, fast acting valves etc.)
  • Prepare the necessary documentation required for certification (Technical File)

Explosion Testing of Equipment

At the GexCon test laboratories in Bergen and at Sotra several tests facilities are available for gas and dust explosion testing. The facilities are used for the testing of equipment designed to protect against the consequences of explosions, and for the testing of non-electric equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.

Dust Explosion Test Laboratory

The Dust Explosion Test Laboratory at GexCon offers a wide range of standard tests for the determination of explosion characteristics of dusts and powders. Using the data from such tests, dust explosions can be prevented or their consequences minimised. Thus, process installations can be designed to achieve a higher degree of intrinsic safety. The laboratory also provides specialist advice and assists when GexCon is performing accident investigations.